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A Global Water Crisis, On Our Watch

Hello! Welcome to our new blog! If you have been checking out our website you may have noticed that we have done something a little unusual, that along with information on the products we sell and install, we have included information to help educate our clients about the Global Water Crisis affecting over 884 million people on this earth, lack […]

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Chlorine in our water, Good or Bad?

The use of chlorine in water systems began in the late 19th century as a way to combat diseases like cholera and typhoid and it proved quite effective. As the levels of such diseases dropped, municipal water systems started to add more and more of the powerful disinfectant into the water. Chlorine is an excellent combatant against many parasites and […]

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It is illegal to dump fluoride in lakes, streams and oceans, but, for some strange reason, it’s OK to dump fluoride into our food and water supplies? Hmm…

In our effort to live healthy, eat well and avoid chemicals in our homes and diet we came across an excellent article on the hazards of flouridated water on smallfamilyfootprint.com. Please read it for the sake of your own and your family’s health, you’ll be educated and healthier! “Ever wonder why most kids’ toothpastes have no fluoride? Because kids inevitably […]

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