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Are You an Innisfil Resident?

Is your home located in the Innisfil area? If so, you may have encountered some of the problems associated with having hard water. Our highly knowledgeable staff at Purisoft Water Solutions is very aware of all of the issues that hard water causes. We have the products, knowledge, and skill to install the most efficient water softeners available in Innisfil.

Affordable and Efficient Water Softeners

At Purisoft Water Solutions, we are a leading provider of the most affordable and efficient Canadian-made water softeners for residents in the Innisfil area. We have staff trained to help you select a water softener that will best suit your water softening needs as well professional installers certified to properly install a softener. To get the best results from your water softener, we suggest that residents in the Innisfil area use the Chlor-a-soft Water Softener. This water-softening system will provide your home with soft water while simultaneously removing chlorine from the water. The Chlor-a-soft Water Softener also features an “on demand” metered control valve, which efficiently regenerates the resin media based on water usage. This unit uses less water and 80% less salt when compared to water softeners that are traditionally time-based. To find more water softener options, check out our complete line of Water Softeners.

With Purisoft Water Softeners, you will enjoy an efficient product that is affordable and comes with free installation. If you act quickly, you can take advantage of the current Water Softener Sale that we are offering for a limited time and save even more on your purchase. With any water softener purchase, you will also receive a warranty on parts for a minimum of 7 years and free service for one year.

If you have any questions or would like to book an installation, call us at: (705) 719-6643.