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Do You Live in Newmarket?

Living in Newmarket, you probably realize that hard water is supplied to your home and can cause various problems for appliances and fixtures in your home. The staff at Purisoft Water Solutions is well acquainted with these water problems and have the knowledge to assist you. Newmarket residents can contact our staff to help you select and install a water softener that will alleviate hard water problems.

Competitively Priced and Effecient Water Softeners

Purisoft Water Solutions offers the largest selection of competitively priced Canadian-made water softeners, that effectively resolve hard water problems in Newmarket. The optimal water softener for residents in this is the Chlor-a-soft Water Softener system. The “on demand” metered control valve efficiently regenerates the resin media based on water usage. A decreased use in water and 80% less salt are further benefits gained from this system as compared to traditional water softeners that are time-based. For the perfect hard water solution, browse our entire Water Softener product line.

Our competitively priced line of water softeners come with free installation, a 7-year minimum warranty along with 1-year free service. Get even more savings on your purchase when you take advantage of the current Water Softener Sale that is only available for a limited time.

If you have any questions or would like to book an installation, call us at: (705) 719-6643.